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Quality toys made in Latvia from natural wood

For seven years, Eco Toys Latvia, a family business, has been making quality wooden toys so that children would have access to toys that are safe, educational, and not from unknown mass-produced materials.

The first wooden house

The idea to make wooden toys occurred to Parsla Indars when her son was given a gift by a relative from overseas - a wooden toy house to assemble. Her son loved it. His mother knew of a childhood friend who had a woodworking business with appropriate materials. She decided to experiment with similar construction. Her project came out so well that at the annual craft fair, there was a great interest in her wooden houses. This success lead to starting a business with expansion to other toys. Since 2002, Eco Toys Latvia has employed seven talented people who work diligently creating a variety of complex toys and souvenirs. Fresh wooden fragments become wooden blocks, pyramids, trains as well as complex brain teasers. These toys are beloved by children and adults alike. Children like wooden toys because of their colors, interesting shapes, and pleasing touch. Adults look to the practical: natural wooden toys are durable, do not fall apart with the first day of play, do not pose any health threat, and allow for broad childhood development. They also make ideal gifts. Thought is even given to clever packaging – the wooden blocks can be in a wooden box or a linen bag.

How are new toys conceived?

Our aim is to make toys that are of high quality, healthy, Earth friendly, and competitively priced. Our next step is to be certified so that Eco Toys Latvia’s toys can be sold not only at craft fairs, but also in toy stores. Ideas for new creations stem from all over the world. Germany, for example, offers a great variety of craft toys. Eco Toys Latvia tries to envision these toys using the appropriate wood. Another way new ideas become toys is if a company offers new materials such as wooden rings, balls and sticks which can be combined to create a new toy. Thus, Eco Toys Latvia slowly grows with new partners. The most important prerequisite for a partnership is the quality of the product it brings and that these partnerships come from local craftsman, so there is no need to look for supplies outside Latvia.

People choose natural

Stores are packed with goods from all over the world and they are often not worth the cost. Eco Toys Latvia strives for quality using natural wood materials found locally – birch, oak, ash, and maple. A baby can safely put a rattle in its mouth made by Eco Toys Latvia, and the parents need not fear that some harm could come to their baby. The color dyes used are certified especially for children’s toys. The next series of toys will use naturally occurring dyes. Who can forget using a wooden spoon to stir blueberry jam and see what color the spoon absorbs? Currently, we are experimenting extensively with natural dyes to find which ones give the best results using Latvia’s natural resources. What could be more appropriate for children’s toys than wood: warm, fragrant, grown and crafted in Latvia?