Code: 30018

Pyramid, eco

-5 slice pyramid with linseed oil coverage. Size 10x14 cm.

Price: 9.90EUR (6.96LVL)

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Code: 30017

Five brothers, eco

-Different form pyramids, for baby`s motility skill and logical skill training. Size 43x11x9.5cm. Made from ash, packaged in cardboard box.

Price: 26.00EUR (18.27LVL)

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Code: 30016

Pyramid mini

-Little, but pyramid. Three slice colors- blue, red and yellow. Size 8cm x 8cm.

Price: 5.65EUR (3.97LVL)

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Code: 30015

Building block tower

-Two in one. Cubes and pyramid. Younger can play with cubes, older can settle the pyramids. Two size skewers and two size wells for the cubes. Go and find out, where to putt who!

Price: 9.95EUR (6.99LVL)

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Code: 30012


-Pyramid with 5 slices. Size 10x14cm.

Price: 10.50EUR (7.38LVL)

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Code: 30013

-Different form and color pyramids, for baby`s motility, color and logic skill training. Size 43x11x9.5cm. Made from birchen, packaged in cardboard box.

Price: 29.00EUR (20.38LVL)

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Code: 30011


--Settable on stand 7 colored slices and at the end big withe ball. Develops touch, motion, coordination, and color perception. Pyramids height 19cm.

Price: 12.50EUR (8.79LVL)

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